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Player Development is an effective means through which a player can improve their basketball skills. We work closely with each player to develop the necessary fundamentals that will provide tangible result. We monitor and continuously develop a player(s) skill set through on-court training, daily film breakdown and by using progressive techniques taught at college and professional levels. 
The program is an individual, small group, team, or coach training curriculum based on the skill set(s) of the players.

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Dreams are our goals and ambition.  We pride ourselves on making Dreams come true. Our program seeks to inspire greatness through Hustle and dedication. We firmly believe that if we relentlessly hustle after our dreams we will be successful and will ultimately Win in whatever we set our minds to. 


Success doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t achieve a massive goal or rise to the top of your profession only with luck. It takes a ridiculous amount of work and consistently showing up every single day with the focus and dedication to perfect you game. 

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Skills Curriculum: Downhill dribble moves, screen/roll, pick and kick, skip passes, lob passes, entry passes, bounce passes, screen away, slip screen, proper spacing, keeping dribble alive, splitting two defenders, duck shoulder, dribble hand-off, reading eyes on defense, penetrate and dish, duck-in steal, overplaying strong hand, weak hand passing, timing the crossover, deflection techniques, shooting off screen, no look pass, dribbling with head up, advancing ball on fast break, anticipatory passes, backdoor,Swim move,  basket cuts, give and go, 2v1, 3v2, secondary break, defending your position, the art of the double team, ball denial, scoring options with a variety of moves. 

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